Frequently Asked Questions

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All events take place at the Markus Hotel ul.Krótka 8, 47-110 Kolonowskie, Poland

All events take place from June 10-14, 2020.

11 June – II National Dog Show Cane Corso
12 June – VII Raduno Poland
13 June – CANE CORSO Word Breeders Coup

Anyone who owns a dog, Cane Corso Italiano, who can document legal origin, i.e. ZKwP record, ZKwP pedigree or other organization belonging to FCI.

Every registered dog and companion dogs present at the show must have a health book or passport and a valid puppy for rabies. This is one of the basic requirements verified at registration.

Yes, you can show cut dogs. The exception applies to II National Dog Show Cane Corso where dogs from countries where they are admitted to FCI shows can be presented.